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It is an online career portal. We offer an all-encompassing perspective on career guidance through an incredible online career advising. In our career counselling , we provide you with the best career suited for you according to your career interest, personality, and aptitude skills. Our career counselling process starts with first taking a career assessment test from the student. Our proprietary career assessment test is designed by industry experts and certified career counsellors providing you with the best results from the test and help you choose a perfect path. This test also helps you know about your strengths and the ways to overcome your weaknesses.

Mentors - Best Career Counsellors

Md Razaullah

Mentor Code : 1563779194

Riti Raheja

Mentor Code : 1563779227

Beulah Jasmine Rao

Mentor Code : 1563779247


Mentor Code : 1563779141


Mentor Code : 1563779168

Nasrin Khan

Mentor Code : 1563779186

Jayendra Pratap Singh

Mentor Code : 1484730666

Ashok Pujari

Mentor Code : 1484755994

Sumeet Saluja

Mentor Code : 1487659511

Vaishali Ganwir

Mentor Code : 1563779190

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