How to crack NEET Exam in First Attempt?

How to crack NEET Exam in First Attempt?
09 November 2021
How to crack NEET Exam in First Attempt?
Every year many aspirants are preparing for NEET Exam to get into India’s top Medical College. Apart from this every year the candidates’ No is also increasing as well as that you should also prepare a strategy for cracking the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in the first attempt. Most of the toppers of the previous year are from 1st attempts only. The reason is the NEET syllabus is of Class 11th & Class 12th standard. To crack the exam on the first attempt is not that hard if you continuously study hard for the exam. Every year around 15-16 lakh candidates appear for the NEET entrance exam to get into Doctoral courses or programs. By scoring the highest marks in the NEET exam the candidates have many opportunities like to get top government or private colleges based on score. If you prepare effectively nothing can stop from you getting into an MBBS course.
How to crack NEET Exam in First Attempt: Decide your Time Wisely
  • While preparing for an exam the syllabus plays a major role in preparing for the exam. Make time table in the best way so you can follow from day 1st and keep improving on another day. Moreover, the time table made in that way so you can daily cover the topics and revise them daily.
  • As well as that preparing for exam time is the most important thing. Apart from all other activities from daily life, the candidates should also give priority to studies. Moreover from this take a small break while studying for long hours.
  • The candidates should make their short and long-term goals. So in the last 2-3 months, they can revise all the topics easily. The candidates should make the study plan so they can firstly cover important topics for the exam. The distribution is in such a manner that all the topic gets proper attention. The students must first study the shorter topic so they can easily cover most of the topics.
  • After making a study plan stick to the plan and make a discipline to follow all the plans. Regular practice and revising the topics should be mandatory for getting good marks in the NEET exam. 
  • The candidates should know the topics and study them accordingly. Most of the previous year toppers also recommended NCERT textbooks of Class 11th & Class 12th.

5 Tips to Crack NEET Exam
  • Make your own Notes – The candidates need to make notes whenever the chapter finishes. The notes should be arranged in a good manner so you can revise them at the time of examination. In Notes also mentions Diagrams it is also important for exams.
  • Revision – While starting with any chapter or completing any chapter, revision is the most important part. So your concepts get clear of every chapter. In Class 11th & 12th, most of the chapter topics are interlinked. So the students must revise the chapter daily to score well in the exam.
  • Stress-Free Mind – If you are someone who thinks it is very hard, so you are wrong. Daily studying and revising all the things with understanding then it is guaranteed that you can score good marks in the NEET exam. To crack the NEET exam the students should also do some yoga or exercise to be fit mentally and physically.
  • Self Study & Coaching – Many aspirants take the help of coaching centers to make ensure they will get an MBBS seat. But it is necessary to know that you have to manage all things with sufficient time only. If you are preparing for a big exam like NEET. Then, it is necessary to make a good timetable so you can manage both self-study as well as Coaching studies.
  • Practice Makes you Perfect – After finishing any chapter make sure to solve the previous year’s questions of that chapter to ensure how much you have known. Solving mock papers and previous year’s questions will help to improve your speed and accuracy in the exam.

Do’s & Don’ts before 2-3 months for the NEET Exam:
  • The use of social media should make less. And don’t use it at the time of examination. Many students can study well but due to these distracting notifications, students don’t stick to one thing.
  • Don’t start any new chapter overnight. This is something you should strictly avoid at the examination time. And don’t study any new topic at the exam date.
  • Don’t take stress for the exam in the Morning. Even at the examination hall stay calm. Keep your mind relaxed at the time of examination, take nutrients food before entering in Exam building. And take a good sleep the day before the exam.
  • After getting the question paper don’t get nervous. Start marking with easy questions and then move to harder questions.
  • The students are advised to visit the center a day before the examination to be aware of the place and don’t want to rush at the last time.
  • Follow the instruction at the exam hall. Read all the instructions in the paper given before attempting any questions.
Best Books to follow for NEET Examination:
Books play a major role in preparing for Exams. Some of the students may understand from any other book. But if you are for preparing for the exam choose NCERT books. Learn the concepts and practice the numerical question of Physics & Chemistry.
While choosing any books always keep these things in mind:
  • The book must be easy to understand with a detailed explanation.
  • The book also covers the syllabus you are studying and their practice questions.
Physics Biology Chemistry
Objective Physics by D.C. Pandey Objective Biology by Dinesh Handbook Chemistry by O.P Tandon
Fundamental Physics by Pradeep MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips Handbook of Chemistry by Arihant
Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma (Volume 1 & 2) Pradeep Publication’s Biology Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for Class 11th & 12th

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