09 June 2023


Studying has never been as easy in these modern times. With the availability of the
internet in almost every corner of the world, students are now using its potential to
help themselves in their study-related work.

This is happening through various kinds of tools that assist students in doing their
academic work. These tools can help in, for example, making presentations, taking
notes, accessing study material, making assignments, etc.
One such tool that can help students in their written work is a rephrase.info

These tools help students improve the quality of their assignments, eliminate

plagiarism from it, and so on (more on this later). In this article, we are going to
discuss the uses and benefits of these tools and evaluate how they are helping
But first, we need to understand…

What are Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools are online tools that paraphrase the provided content by
rewording and restructuring the words and sentences. They use technologies like
Artificial Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the
basic idea of the content and keep it intact while making the said changes.
These tools detect the words and phrases that can be changed in the content
without the meaning getting altered. Then, these parts are paraphrased using
different techniques such as swapping out words with their synonyms, creating and
merging sentences and so on.
Now that we have discussed the basic functionality of the paraphrasing tools, let’s
take a look at the…

Uses of Paraphrasing Tools for Students:

The following are some of the main uses of paraphrasing tools for students:

• They Can Help Eliminate Plagiarism from Assignments:
This can be considered one of the most important uses of paraphrasing tools for
students. While making assignments, students may need to borrow ideas from
different academic or publications. If they copy this information as it is, they will
commit plagiarism.

To avoid committing plagiarism, students can use paraphrasing tools. But, how does
this help exactly?

It’s simple. The tools reword and restructure the content to make sure it does not
match the original content. And while doing so, the tool tries to keep the actual
essence and idea of the information intact.
With this method, students are able to take ideas from different kinds of information
and easily put it into their content.
But, there are some things in this method that have to be kept in mind.

• Firstly, this practice should not be resorted to frequently
• When the content is paraphrased, the citation to the original source should
still be given
• If the citation has to be omitted for some reason, the changes should be so
extensive that there should remain no semblance between the original and
paraphrased content
• They Can Help Enhance the Writing Quality of Assignments:
The quality of assignments matters when you have to score good grades. And using
paraphrasing tools is a good way to enhance this quality.

There are different things that decide whether an assignment is high-quality or
otherwise. Some of these things include:
• The average length of the sentences
• The flow and transitions of the sentences

• The word choices
And so on.

When you paraphrase your assignment using a high-quality tool, most of these
factors, if not all, are improved.
For example, you can see in the image below that we’ve used a random
paraphrasing tool. In the output box, you can see the changes made by it:
You can see how the tool changed the wording of the paragraph to make it
understandable. But it is a pretty simply written paragraph. Let’s see what happens
when we provide it with a more complex paragraph.

This example shows how effectively the tool changed complex words. In this way,
students can explain their content in a much easier way to make enhance its
readability and increase their content quality.

• They Can Help Adjust a Professional Tone:

By bringing changes in the words and sentences, paraphrasing tools can help
students adjust a professional tone in their writing.
Academic work has to be demonstrated in a formal manner. This can be a little
difficult for students if they don’t know the right words for this purpose.
To overcome this situation, paraphrasing tools can be of great help. By using proper
formal synonyms and phrases, these tools help writing look more professional.
Here is how paraphrasing tools do it.

This is an example of how nicely these tools adjust the tone of different paragraphs
provided to them.
However, it has to be remembered that making content formal is not a granted and
inherent quality of paraphrasing tools. Rather, it can only be done by tools that have
a proper dedicated feature for it.

Benefits of Paraphrasing Tools for Students:

The following are some of the benefits that paraphrasing tools provide to students:
• It Saves Time:
In student life, you have to utilize your time in order to get the most out of your
efforts. Whether it is about taking a lecture on time or submitting an assignment due
date, time is crucial.

Paraphrasing tools help students save time while making their assignments. They
can paraphrase the assignments (or part of it) in a matter of seconds.
This time-saving act can help students prepare and submit their assignments before
the deadline and improve their reputation as well as grades.
Paraphrasing a huge amount of content present in assignments or essays manually
can take a lot of time and energy. Using these tools to get rid of this thing is the right
choice for any student.

• They Are Easily Available for Immediate Assistance:
Another excellent benefit of using paraphrasing tools is that they are available
pretty much everywhere all the time as long as the student has an Internet

Whenever there is a need to rephrase something, students can easily do it without
any issues. They can just load the tool, enter their content and get the outputs.

• They improve Vocabulary:
Besides being a writing assistance tool, a paraphrasing tool can also make students
learn new words and phrases.

When students rewrite their content again and again, they are exposed to new
words that they subconsciously pick and learn. This results in the improvement of
their vocabulary.
By figuring out how they can use these words in their writing to present their views
in an effective way, students tend to gain a deeper knowledge of the language as
The consistent use of paraphrasing tools makes a habit of searching for new words
to learn in students.


Technology has made studying easier than ever. Because of the availability of
different tools that assist students in their studies, the quality of learning has been
Paraphrasing tools are one of these tools that help students increase the quality of
their written content by bringing essential changes to it. In the post above, we have
discussed some of the main uses and benefits of these tools for students..

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