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The Learning Project

WHAT IS THE LEARNING PROJECT? “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” - Warren Buffet This famous saying by the legendary investor Buffet is full of wisdom. How many of our adolescents know what are the right things to do in order to work towards a successful future? Does our education system teach us about these “right things”? How can students prepare themselves better to face the world of work once out of school? The learning project aims to help explore all this and more - beginning with knowing oneself, choosing the right stream of education and work, understanding and managing money and managing one’s emotions. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WE ARE SOLVING? Adolescence is an age of “stress and storm” - where one is dealing with physical changes, trying to explore and form an identity, preparing for the future. The Learning Project aims to provide a window to help explore the world of work, to prepare oneself with appropriate set of life skills, aimed at helping create a successful future. HOW ARE WE SOLVING THE PROBLEM? The Learning Project is built upon 4 principles: Our team of educational and academic experts. Access to our database of resources and knowledge. Mentoring students with the right strategy for their academic pursuits. Providing appropriate learning activities aimed at developing key life skills. WHO IS THIS FOR? This is for students, parents, and anyone else interested in learning new things and exploring how our world works!

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