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Namrata Chawla

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Namrata Chawla

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I am a counseling psychologist and have been conducting one on one sessions along with career workshops in various schools in Delhi and NCR.

I am a counselling psychologist and have been conducting one on one sessions along with career workshops in various schools in Delhi and NCR. She is an NLP practitioner and a British Council English language Celta graduate. My journey began in 1999 in the corporate sector where I worked in the Finance and HR departments and thereafter running my own start ups and business ventures in the field of Apparel to Aviation to Real estate and hospitality. This diverse industry experience gave me an insight into the human behavior and thereafter started my journey into the education sector from a Bachelors in Education to a Counseling psychologist. I frequently provides training in the industry for soft skills and personality development along with motivational talks. I am a certified soft skills trainer from Image Consulting and Business Institute (ICBI). Being an MBTI practitioner, we use the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator Personality test to provide the student with the tool to find out what they love and enjoy and what is best suited for their personality type and interest. I have also been involved with various companies for imparting Life skill trainings to students encompassing areas of emotional intelligence, social skills and critical thinking skills. I have taken up personality development classes for the economically weak section through collaboration with NGO’s to provide employability skills to women. My counseling sessions focus on the educational needs and aspirations of the students but also provides solutions to many psychological issues faced by children and adolescents leading them to go astray in the most crucial years of their lives. The decision to choose subjects and career path which would affect the next 40 years of their lives is sometimes taken in 40 minutes!! The most important reason that most people are unable to live the life they really want is because they really don’t know what kind of life they want. Its important to gain clarity so that this clarity can empower them to act towards attaining what they want. To get from where you are to where you want to go requires strategy and planning….but most people fall apart at this stage as they fail to understand which action to take first. And this uncertainty makes them take no action at all. BUT IN ORDER TO SUCCEED IN THE REAL WORLD TAKING THE RIGHT FIRST STEP TOWARDS YOUR PLAN IS CRITICAL!! It was my passion to help people and my sheer love for children that naturally brought me to this path. Being a mother to a 17-year-old and an 12-year-old made me realize the importance of right counselling and virtues of discipline and coaching the children for a bright tomorrow. Today I counsel students from 13 years of age on everything that is an obstacle in their growth and development. I believe that a career or line of work that gives you fun and joy and material gains is a kind of life that you never need a vacation from. I have worked with students of varied streams, schools and background and one thing is certain there is no shortcut to success!! Doing the right thing at the right time is what defines success!! We believe every student is gifted. The key lies to the discovery of that gift. The challenges today in making the right career choice from amongst the plethora of career opportunities today are daunting, exciting and require the right knowledge to make an informed decision by the student. “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein The direction and guidance to students right from the young age till the end is the need of the hour. Each phase of life requires counseling right from social skills in the toddler years to dealing with old age.


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Saransh Bajaj
Saransh Bajaj

3 years ago

Excellent counseling. My son was really satisfied and happy after the counseling session.

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