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Stream : Agriculture Food and Technology,Life Science & Environment
Sub Stream : Zoology

Animal Keeper

Animal keepers are often referred to as zookeepers, animal caretakers, or wildlife managers. Animal keepers take care of animals and make sure that they have a healthy life while they are in captivity. It is important to note that most zoos have both an animal keeper and someone who focuses on public education in order to teach the public about animals.

While this is not a very “sexy” career because it doesn’t involve interaction with people, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. If you would like this type of job then it would be wise to study up on any skills you will need for the job such as applying pesticides or updating the feed inventory in a zoo.

Animal Keepers are responsible for the care and well-being of animals in zoos, aquariums, and nature centers. They provide food, water, shelter and medical care to animals.

Animal keepers need to be knowledgeable about animal behavior and biology. They need to be able to handle a variety of species of animals as well as know what they eat.

Animal keepers are responsible for the care of animals in zoos and wildlife parks. They work with animals that are not able to live in the wild. They provide food and water to them, clean their enclosures, take care of their medical needs, and teach visitors about the animal’s natural habitat.

In India, anyone can apply for a job as an animal keeper if they meet the eligibility criteria. The scope of this job is huge because there are so many zoos and wildlife parks all over India that need people to take care of their animals. The payscale is also very good because most animal keepers work in government-owned zoos or national parks which have a lot more funding than private ones.

Animal Keepers are responsible for the care of all animals in a zoo. They feed, groom, and maintain the general health of animals. Animal Keepers also work with veterinarians to provide medical care to animals.

The scope of this job is vast and can include anything from working with small mammals, reptiles, large mammals, birds and more. There are opportunities for animal keepers in zoos all over India as well as abroad.

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