Career as Animal Nurse

Stream : Life Science & Environment
Sub Stream : Zoology

Animal Nurse

Animal nursing is considered a relatively new profession which requires specific knowledge and skills to complete the tasks. The animal nurse can work in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, kennels and other facilities that offer animal care services.

The advancement in veterinary medicine has led to a shortage of qualified personnel. Besides higher wages, there are many other benefits of working as an animal nurse. You will be able to spend time with animals, develop relationships with owners and are generally more aware about pet health issues.

Animal nurses are people who work in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and pet stores.

A typical day for an animal nurse starts with a visit to the vet clinic where they take care of animals that may be sick or injured. They give them food, water, and medications as well as provide comfort to animals that need it.

An animal nurse is not a veterinarian but they can give medication and treatments for minor injuries. They also make sure that the animals have their vaccines up to date and are healthy at all times.

Animal Nurses are responsible for the care and welfare of animals. They provide for all their needs, including food, water, shelter, grooming and exercise.

Animal nurses are eligible in India if they have a diploma in Animal Science or Zoology from a recognised university.

A nurse is a person who provides medical care to patients and can also be called a healer. Nurses are usually a part of the healthcare team that is responsible for the health and well-being of patients.

Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, public health settings, and more. They may provide any kind of nursing care such as taking vital signs or changing bandages. Nurses are required to have a nursing degree before they can start their career as one.

The job responsibilities of an animal nurse are not very different from those of human nurses. The main difference is that animal nurses treat animals instead of humans. Animal nurses may treat animals who are ill or injured, assist with surgery on animals, or provide any other type of medical care for animals. 

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