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Sub Stream : Computer Applications

App developer

An app developer is a person who develops and designs software to run on mobile devices. App developers may also develop video games, work with wearable computing devices and other equipment, or work in robotics.

An app developer may have specialties like iOS development, Android development, enterprise mobility management (EMM) development, or Windows Phone development. They are responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the application programs that run on computing devices.

A career as an app developer can be very attractive because it generally doesn't require a lot of formal education or formal training; but there are some requirements for becoming a developer.

Developers need to know how to code and should know one programming language very well - be it Java, C++ or Python.


The role of an app developer is to design, create and maintain mobile applications. They are responsible for developing, designing and testing the mobile application.

The eligibility for this job in India is a graduate degree in computer science or engineering from a recognized university. The job payscale ranges from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs per annum depending on the profile and location of the company.

The app developer is a person who is responsible for the development of apps. They are also responsible for the design, development, testing and optimization of mobile applications.

App developers are eligible in India and they can get paid anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month as a starting salary. The scope of this job is wide as there are many different types of apps that can be developed like games, utilities etc.

An app developer is a specialist in the field of application programming. They create, edit and maintain apps for various platforms.

The job responsibilities of an app developer are to design, develop, test and deploy a variety of applications for smartphones and other devices. They also work with the clients to understand their requirements and needs before starting the development process.

Eligibility: In India, there are no specific eligibility criteria for this profession. However, one must have knowledge about coding languages such as Java or Swift etc., which is not a compulsory requirement in other countries.

Scope: The scope of this profession is high as there are many companies looking out for app developers now-a-days who can get them their desired output at low cost. 

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