Career as Boat Builder

Stream : Architecture and Construction
Sub Stream : Naval Architect


Boat constructors, also called boat builders or shipwrights, use blueprints to build new boats and repair or restore used boats. As a boat constructor, you could build boats made of fiberglass, wood or metal. You construct all types of boats, including motorboats, sailboats, cabin cruisers, and even canoes. Using hand and power tools, such as planers, joiners, and circular saws, you shape the boat frame and attach fittings. You might work inside in a boat-building facility or outside in a shipyard. The work environment for boat builders and shipwrights is mostly outdoors, in large waterfront facilities called shipyards. This occupation is ideal for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and performing hands-on work. Large companies employ multiple builders to work in specialized teams to complete specific areas of construction. Work can be physically strenuous as workers must be able to stand and bend in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time. The exposure to large mechanical parts, power tools and working in high elevated places make minor on-the-job injuries a frequent occurrence. However, this can be avoided by wearing the proper safety equipment and following safety procedures. Boat builders and shipwrights usually work 40 to 60 hours, five to six days a week. Overtime and weekend work is frequently required to meet client demands. Full-time workers are also eligible for union membership.

job responsibility of Boat builder
 • Build boats according to blueprint specifications.
• Use woodworking tools to create ribs, keel, sidings, and other support structures.
• Design and create blueprints for different types of water vessels.
• Order materials and negotiate prices.
• Find and select quality lumber.
• Construct frames and structures out of raw materials.
• Attach fittings, plates, and bulkheads.
• Measure lumber and cut into shapes to fit the boat.
• Create dimensional reference points on the hull.
• Construct the wooden frame.
• Assemble materials for hull and install timbers.
• Mark dimensional lines on lumber.
• Smooth and finish surfaces using sanders.
• Apply finishes to lumber.
• Apply paint to ship or boat.
• Fix or correct defects.
• Coordinate work schedules, time frames, and budgets

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How to become a Boatbuilder?

The majority of boat builders and shipwrights acquire their skills through on-the-job training. Employers prefer applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent. Entry-level positions look for detail-oriented candidates who are organized and have a mechanical aptitude. Aspiring boat builders and shipwrights who complete a three to five-year apprenticeship will best enhance their employment opportunities. During this time apprentices learn the tools and skills of the trade required to work in this field. The best way to land a position in this field is to apply directly to the employer of a shipyard or boat building company. Workers usually begin as trainees shadowing experienced workers performing menial tasks and with time are given more complex assignments. Advancement opportunities in this field are determined by an individual’s abilities, experience and performance record. Accomplished boat builders and shipwrights may advance to supervisor positions or go on to open up their own boat repair shops.

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Median Pay Scale/salary of Boat builder :

Salaries for boat constructors, builders and shipwrights can vary, depending on education and experience. The average pay for a Marine Engineer is Rs 1,143,315 per year. A skill in Naval Engineering is associated with high pay for this job. Experience strongly influences income for this job. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career.

Top Boat builder Colleges in India:

Hindustan Institute Of Maritime Training (himt) 
Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI)
T S Chanakya College 
Coimbatore Marine Centre 
International Maritime Institute 
Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat 

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