Career as Decorator

Stream : Arts, Design & Fashion
Sub Stream : Interior Design


Decorators are a skilled profession, and there is an art to the trade. They create a new look for an interior space, by adding decorative items. This can be anything from curtains, to wallpaper, to furniture.

The decorator’s job is to make sure that the home or office they are working on has a cohesive theme. They also have to ensure that their work is done in good taste and style.

Decorators are primarily responsible for the interior design of a building. They are also responsible for maintaining the property, which entails painting, cleaning, and other duties.

Decorators in India must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible. They must have a minimum of three years experience in their respective field and must have passed an exam that is conducted by the government.

The job of a decorator is to maintain and improve the look of a building. They are also responsible for the maintenance and decoration of furniture, wallpapers, carpets and other decorative items.

A decorator can be classified as someone who has undergone training in art, architecture or design related fields like interior design, painting or sculpture.

The decorator is a person who works with the interior design of a building or other structure. They are responsible for the selection and application of furnishings, wall coverings and decorative items to achieve the desired style.

The decorator can help in different areas. For example, they can assist in finding suitable materials and furniture for a house or office, as well as assist in making decisions about color schemes and design ideas.

The job responsibilities of a decorator also vary depending on their company's needs. Some companies may have a more formal structure where the decorator is more involved with architectural work, while others may give them more creative freedom to work on interior design projects.

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