Career as Dental Technician

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Dentist

Dental Technician 

Dental technicians are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. They can work in a private practice or be employed by a hospital. A dental expert is also called a dentist.

The dental expert is skilled in performing oral exams and taking x-rays to diagnose the presence of any oral disease or injury. They may also carry out preventative treatments such as tooth brushing, flossing, sealants and fluoride treatments. In some cases, they may prescribe medications for conditions such as gum disease or infection.

Dental experts will often work closely with other medical professionals either through referral or referral programs that exist between their clinic and other healthcare providers in their area.

Dentists in India are in high demand and it is difficult to find a job. This is not very surprising considering the number of dentists that are needed to meet the demand.

Dentist Job Description:

Dentist Job Responsibilities:

-Provide professional dental care to patients

-Perform preventative dental care

-Ensure patient safety

-Develop innovative solutions for dental problems

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The dental expert is a qualified professional who has expertise in the field of dentistry. They are responsible for providing dental care to patients in India.

The scope of work for a dental expert is quite broad and includes providing patient care, conducting research and developing new treatments. They also provide advanced training to other medical professionals on dentistry-related topics.

It is important to note that the eligibility criteria for becoming a dental expert varies from state to state in India. The job responsibilities also vary depending on the qualifications required by the individual states.

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