Career as Film Critic

Stream : Media, Film & Mass communication
Sub Stream : Mass communication

Film Reviewer

Film critics and reviewers write essays or articles describing a movie's content and plot, analyzing its theme and evaluating how enjoyable the viewing experience was. They might also interview actors and actresses or other individuals involved in making a film. To perform their job, they usually take notes or create outlines during a film so that they can thoroughly and accurately write their review. They might also research a subject or the technical details of a film. 
Film critics and reviewers generally work for print or online magazines, journals, television networks, radio stations, or newspapers. Some might work as freelance reviewers, submitting their work to multiple publications, while others might establish film review websites to publish their work. Many reviewers are not employed in their jobs full-time, but rather supplement their reviewing career with a job in journalism or a related field. Movie critics write comments about a film without telling too much about the story. They critique the quality of a movie's writing, acting, lighting, filming and directing. A movie critic's job requires a deep analysis of why they feel a film is good or bad. They need to be familiar with different film genres. When writing their reviews, critics may compare certain films with others of the same genre. Film critics may work as part of a team with other critics, and they sometimes work for entertainment editors and online publications.

Job Responsibilities:

As part of their job, a movie critic may evaluate several movies a week, report on general entertainment news, attend film festivals and premieres and analyze trends in movie ticket sales. Movie critics discuss their opinions on films in broadcast media. They attend meetings with editors and adhere to deadlines. They generally discuss the goals and meanings of the films they analyze and give reviews that are entertaining and insightful. 
During awards season, it is common for movie critics to give their opinions on the top contenders for Golden Globe or Academy Awards. Well-respected movie critics have opportunities to attend these awards shows. They may also interview actors about their work.

How to become Film Reviewer?

There is no specific education or training required to become a film critic or reviewer. Skills helpful to working in the field include being able to effectively communicate thoughts and opinions and write in multiple tones, such as humorous or thought-provoking. Interpersonal and listening skills are also important. Reviewers might also need to be familiar with film history, genres, ideology, and terminology. 
Bachelor's degree programs in film studies or media studies with a concentration in film and culture are available. In these programs, you can learn film terminology, and how to analyze films according to their style and write critical pieces discussing movies. You also learn about the impact of films on culture and society, historical perspectives on film, and character development. Classes may discuss topics like film aesthetics, the history of film, film theory and criticism, film genre studies, and the history of television. Some programs may include internship opportunities.

Median Pay Scale/salary of Film Reviewer :

As far as Salary and other renumeration are concerned a film critic, if joined some mass media can get as good as Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000 to start with and after some experience and his/her expertise in the related field can get as high as Rs.1,00,000 - Rs.1,50,000 depending upon the importance of his work in the industry.

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