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Graphic Designer

A graphic designer as regards to a web designer would mean a person who decides on the layout and aesthetic value of a site. The job would entail knowing how to present the design content of a site, to optimise the use of graphics so as to minimise download time. As a graphic designer, you have to structure links in such a way so as to give maximum ease of navigation to the visitor on the site. In short you have to integrate creativity with technology. Basically, letting your creativity flow is the most essential part of being a graphic designer. Everyone of us is creative - we just need to consciously bring it out. If you choose to work for a website you should be able to grasp the gist of the content for the website you are designing. You should also have a fair idea of the kind of crowd that is likely to visit the site.For this, you will need to arm yourself with loads of imagination and you also have to have a fair idea of what's happening in the world (in short, brush up your knowledge of current affairs) of arts and design. Graphic design will become ever more significant as computer technology becomes more universally available and as more and more companies realise that a definitive, distinctive logo and product design can make an enormous difference.
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A graphic designer is almost an indispensable part of any media or web organisation. The primary job of a web designer is to give an attractive look to the site and design the various images and animations that have to be displayed on the web pages. With websites vying with each other to offer enchanting e-greetings, wallpapers, screensavers and animated pictures to surfers, the dot com companies have come to rely heavily on graphic designers. In print and television media, and advertising agencies too, a graphic designer is required to draw cartoons, visuals, illustrations, charts, etc. One may also land a job at garment manufacturing firms, publishing houses and film and documentary companies.

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How to become Graphic Designer?

Listen to comments
Has a good eye for aesthetic design
Has a flair for colour
A good understanding of the needs of the corporate world
Good communication skills are very important if you want to see your designs accepted
Good aesthetic sense
A good hand at sketching An ability to work long hours

A graphic designer in the publishing industry is expected to know packages like:
 PageMaker
 CorelDraw  PhotoShop
 Director 3D Max
 Adobe Premier

For a web site:
 PhotoShop
 Flash 4
 Other animation packages plus knowledge of IBM and Mac platforms are the need of the day
 Knowledge of HTML

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Median Pay Scale/salary of Graphic Designer :

Fresher out of college can expect Rs 3000-5000 a month, which goes up to Rs 8000-10,000 after a year. A seasoned professional with 2-3 years of experience can command a salary of Rs 10-15,000. There are many instances of graphic designers earning more than half a lakh rupees per month.

Top Graphic Designer Colleges in India:

Pearl Academy, Delhi 
Asian Academy Of Film & Television 
International Institute Of Fashion Technology (iift) 
National Institute Of Design (nid)
Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati
Maeer’s Mit Institute Of Design 
Srishti School Of Art, Design And Technology, Bangalore 

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