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House Parent
The House Parent is a person who provides care and supervision for children in a residential setting. This is usually done in the home of the parent or guardian.

A house parent has to be very organized and responsible, as they are the one who will be supervising all of the children in their home. They also have to have patience, as there will be days when the children will get into trouble or have tantrums.

The house parent needs to take care of all aspects of their home life, from cooking meals for themselves and their charges, to doing laundry and cleaning up after everyone. The house parent also needs to make sure that they are keeping track of what each child's daily schedule is like, so that they can help them with homework and other schoolwork when needed.

The job of a house parent is not easy. It requires the person to be responsible for the children in their care, while also fulfilling their own needs and those of the family.

A house parent’s responsibilities include:

- Providing food, clothing and shelter

- Managing finances

- Providing education and social activities

- Ensuring that children are safe at all times

House parents are employed in India to provide care for children or elderly people. But the scope of the work is not limited to just the children. They have a lot of responsibilities and are expected to maintain a good relationship with all members of the family.

House parents have been found to be more reliable than a nanny and they can provide more attention as well as emotional support. They also help in activities like cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.

In India, house parents are considered eligible for government benefits like pension, medical insurance and leave benefits if they meet certain criteria like passing an eligibility test or having at least 5 years of experience in childcare services.

The eligibility criteria for house parents vary from state to state but typically require that they be unmarried or widowed with one child under 12

House parents are usually found to be the most eligible candidates in India. They are usually given the responsibility of providing care and education to children who are not their own.

House parents play a significant role in the child’s life, and they also help maintain the family’s status in society. However, there is a lack of awareness about what house parents really do and what their responsibilities are.

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