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The word “masseur” is derived from the French word “massage,” which means to touch, feel, and knead. Masseurs have been in existence since the late 1800s.

Masseuses are typically women who give a massage to another person. They are trained in massage techniques and use oils or lotions for the treatment of sore muscles or other physical discomfort.

A masseur is usually a male who gives a massage to another person and may also be called a masseur. In some cases, they may also offer other services such as facials or manicures.

The profession of masseur/masseuse is regulated by the Indian government. The profession has a broad scope and they can be hired to provide services in different domains such as sports, physiotherapy, rehabilitation etc.

A masseur/masseuse is an individual who offers massage and other related services to clients. They are trained in the art of massage and their job responsibilities vary according to the domain they work in. In order to become a certified masseur/masseuse, one needs to complete a course that lasts for 2 years.

Masseurs/Masseuses are employed on contract basis or on permanent basis depending on their availability and skillset. They are mostly hired by spas, hotels, health clubs or hospitals for providing services such as massage therapy, reflexology and arom

The job of a masseur or masseuse is to provide therapeutic massage services. They are trained to help people relieve physical and mental stress, tension, and pain.

The scope of the job includes:

- Massage therapy for the body

- Massage therapy for the mind

- Massage therapy for the spirit

In India, anyone who has an education in massage can become a masseur or masseuse. The qualifications vary from state to state.

A masseur is a person who massages the body of another person for therapeutic or relaxing purposes. They are also known as masseuse in some countries.

A masseur has to be a licensed professional for the profession to be legally recognized in India. The scope of work includes therapeutic massage, reflexology, and chiropractic care.

The job responsibilities include training and educating the client on how to do massage themselves, maintaining hygiene standards during massages, and handling health-related issues that may arise during the session.

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