Career as Poet

Stream : Media, Film & Mass communication
Sub Stream : Writer/ Editor/ copywriter


Poets are a type of writer who write in a language that is natural to them and reflects their feelings through their writing.

The word "poet" comes from the Greek word "poietes" which means "maker." Poets use words to create poems, songs, and other texts. They may write about many different topics, but they are often drawn to subjects that have emotional meaning for them or others.

Poets can be found in many different places - on the street, at school, at home, and even in jail. They can write anywhere they want because they don't need any special materials like paper or pencils to do what they do best - share their thoughts with others through their words.

A Poet is a person who writes poems.

Job responsibilities: The job responsibilities of a Poet are to create original poems, write lyrics and poetry for songs, write books and other literary texts, and publish the work they produce.

Eligibility in India: There is no eligibility criteria for the profession of Poet in India.

Scope: The scope of this profession is very wide as it can be applied to many different fields.

Payscale: According to Payscale, the median salary for a Poet in United States is $30K per annum.

Poet is the new job title in India and it is a combination of a few jobs that are related to writing.

The Poet will be required to work with different kinds of content like blogs, copywriting, articles, and reports. They will also have to work with different genres like fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and many more.

The Poet will be required to work on diverse projects for diverse clients. They will have to research about the client’s requirements before starting off on any project.

A Poet is a person who writes poems. Poets are usually skilled in the use of words, phrases and sentences to express feelings and ideas. They can be employed by any organization or company that needs their skills in writing poems.

Poets have many job responsibilities, which include:

-Writing poems for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

-Writing poems for different purposes such as love poems, farewell poems etc.

-Providing emotional support to people through their work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

-Providing emotional support to people through their work on websites that provide counselling services.

-Creating slogans for organisations or companies based on the requirements of the organisation or company.

-Creating banners and posters

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