Career as Reflexologist

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Ayurveda

Career as Reflexologist

Reflexology is a therapy based on the belief that certain areas on the feet, known as reflexes, are joined to parts of the body by 'energy pathways'. Reflexologists apply pressure to these points, which is believed to help the body’s natural balance of energy, and healing processes. 
In this job you would need to be able to listen to clients and empathise with their health or emotional issues. If you are enthusiastic about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and you believe in the power of reflexology, this career could be for you.

Job Responsibility:

As a reflexologist, you would work with clients to treat stress, sleep disorders, sports injuries and chronic back pain. Your work would involve:
• explaining the treatment to the client
• taking a medical history, covering health, diet and lifestyle
• examining the client’s feet and hands for possible ‘blockages’ and problem areas
• applying pressure with the thumb and fingers to the client’s feet and hands
• keeping treatment records
• referring clients to their GP if necessary.
You would not diagnose individual conditions or advise clients on symptoms or treatments.

Employment Opportunities for Reflexologist:

You are likely to find most opportunities as a self-employed reflexologist. To be successful you will need to build up and maintain a sound reputation and client base. You will also need to the ability to market your business, which may involve working long hours at first until you have established your practice. 
Opportunities may also be available in holistic health centres, beauty salons, gyms and luxury hotels. You could also work in hospitals, hospices and practices attached to GP surgeries. 
You could go on to train and qualify in other areas of complementary medicine, for example aromatherapy, massage therapy or Reiki healing, which may help you attract a broader client base. 
With experience and further training, you could go into teaching reflexology within colleges. You may also coach or mentor newly qualified reflexologists.

How to become Reflexologist?

Candidates can become a Reflexologist by seeking training, certification and licensure. Although Reflexology is its own specialty, some programs are offered at massage therapy schools. Several states require Reflexologists to earn a massage therapy license. However, there are efforts within the alternative medicine field that are working to separate the two specialties as different forms of treatment. 
The average Reflexology program requires 200 hours of coursework that can be completed in 6 months to a year. Some states require candidates to complete this training in addition to completing a massage therapy certification. Researching your state's requirements is a great step to determining the specific route you need to take. 

Eligibility : 12th pass

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