Career as Surgeon

Stream : Health Science
Sub Stream : Neurosurgeon

Surgeons specialise in caring for patients who may need an operation. This might happen when the patient has been injured, has a disease, or has a condition that is getting worse. 
A surgeon needs to put people at their ease and inspire trust and confidence. They also need to work under pressure and make quick, accurate decisions. 
If you are interested in a challenging, yet rewarding career in medicine, this could be perfect for you. 
To become a surgeon, you will need to complete a five year degree course in medicine, recognised by the General Medical Council. You will also have to do further training that would last up to ten years. Patients would be referred to you by other hospital doctors and GPs. You will also see patients who have been admitted to hospital through the accident and emergency department. As a surgeon your key duties would involve: 
• meeting the patient (and family) before the operation to decide on the best course of action for their condition 
• explaining the procedures and risk 
• taking tests and arranging X-rays 
• carrying out operations with a team of people including other surgeons, anaesthetists, technicians and nurses 
• liaising with nurses and junior doctors after operations 
• carrying out ward rounds (daily visits to check on the progress of your patients) 
• writing to GPs about your patients’ conditions and treatments.

Employment Opportunities for Surgeon:

Competition for promotion through the various training grades can be strong, as places on core surgical training and specialty training programmes are limited. Once you qualify you may need to relocate in order to take up more senior positions. 
As a surgeon you will find work opportunities in the NHS and private sector. With experience, you may go on to lead a team or manage a department. 
You may also progress to teaching and training students, trainee doctors and other healthcare professionals. 
Specialist publications like Hospital Doctor may be useful for vacancies and general reading.

Top Recruiting Companies for Surgeon:

• Government hospitals
• Private Hospitals

How to become Surgeon?

Candidates who aspire to become a surgeon should obtain MBBS degree from any university recognized by Medical Council of India. Then they should obtain MS degree in General Surgery to practice as a surgeon in any health care organization. They can obtain any specialization in surgery after that. For that they should obtain MCh degree from any Institute approved by Medical Council of India. Surgeons specialized in any field can get more salary and reputation in Medical field. Specializations available in surgery are given below. 
MD in Cardio Thoracic Surgery
MD in Gastrointestinal Surgery
MD in Neurosurgery
MD in Oncology
MD in Pediatric Surgery
MD in Plastic Surgery
MD in Surgical Gastroenterology
MD in Surgical Oncology
MD in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
MD in Thoracic Surgery
MD in Urology

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who wish to obtain MBBS degree should pass plus two with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After that, they should qualify the concerned entrance test conducted to admit candidates to the four year MBBS course. Candidates who possess MBBS degree can apply for MS degree in General Surgery at any Institute approved by Medical Council of India. They should also qualify the entrance test conducted for the admission to post graduation course. Candidates who wish to apply for any super specialty degree in surgery after doing MS degree should qualify the entrance test conducted for the admission to super specialty course. 
Key elements in the process 
Pass plus two or its equivalent with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Obtain MBBS degree
Obtain MS degree in General Surgery
Obtain any specialization (optional)
Apply for the job
Skills required for a Surgeon
Surgeons should possess good knowledge in human anatomy. They should be aware of various surgical methods. They should be well acquainted with several surgical equipments. They should be aware of the advanced research and practices rising in this field. They should possess good time management skills. They should possess good interpersonal skills to interact with their patients and colleagues.


Median Pay Scale / salary of Surgeon:

The average salary for a General Surgeon is Rs 931,982 per year. People in this job generally don't have more than 20 years' experience. Experience strongly influences pay for this job.

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