Faq's In Career Counselling

Every year, we get an enquiry from NEET aspirants for backup options incase they are not able to qualify. We give them 3 options :

1) If they are looking for career options in Biology with an interest to still become doctor which matches a social interest/personality, then they can select from careers in paramedical/ medical which require NEET like BAMS, BHMS, BPT, Dietician, etc 

2) Other Career options in Biology incase they are not interested in above careers would be microbiology, genetics, etc which are a part of careers in life sciences. But these careers are research based careers and unlike career as doctor doesn't involve the social aspect of their personality/ interest.

(They can always validate their interest, aptitude & personality match for above careers in point 1 & 2, through career assessment test)

3) Incase they are willing to explore other careers apart from Biology, then a career assessment test could help shortlist careers based on their interest, aptitude and personality.
Our approach is Online Test and automated report with an algorithm calculating a combination of more than 600 careers, which manually is very difficult to acheive. The chances of errors in marking answers, incorporating thousands of factors and shortlisting careers in report is negligible in automated report compared to paper based tests. Moreover the Online Test and automated report is far more cost effective and less time consuming with much better results. 
The test questions have high reliability ie. most of your answers to questions will remain the same even after an year irrespective of other factors and conditions. 

Allegiance Educare is among the top career counselling companies.  We help student/professional in making a right career decision throught career counselling process. Our process includes an online career assessment test which takes into consideration a person's aptitude,  personality and career interest. A 36 pages assessment report is generated based on the test given. Face to face career counseling session is followed thereafter, where our certified trained mentor assists you in choosing the most suitable career path.


We follow a step by step program which includes the Test, Report and face to face counseling with Mentors.

Assessment: Career counselors use various assessment tools and techniques to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, values, and preferences. This self-assessment helps in understanding one's aptitude and potential career paths.

Exploration: Career counselors provide information about different career options, educational pathways, and job market trends. They may also facilitate job shadowing, internships, or informational interviews to help individuals gain firsthand experience in their fields of interest.

Goal Setting: Based on the assessment results and exploration activities, career counselors assist individuals in setting realistic and achievable career goals. These goals may include short-term objectives, such as choosing a college major, as well as long-term aspirations, such as pursuing a specific career path.

Decision-Making: Career counselors guide individuals through the decision-making process by helping them weigh the pros and cons of different options, considering factors such as education requirements, job outlook, salary potential, and personal preferences.

Skill Development: In addition to providing guidance on career choices, counselors may also offer support in developing essential skills for career success, such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, networking skills, and professional etiquette.

Transition Support: Career counselors assist individuals during transitions, such as transitioning from high school to college, changing careers, or re-entering the workforce after a period of absence. They provide support and resources to navigate these transitions smoothly.

Lifelong Learning: Career guidance is not a one-time event but a continuous process. Counselors encourage individuals to engage in lifelong learning and professional development to adapt to changing career trends and enhance their employability over time.Overall, career guidance and counseling in educational and vocational settings empower individuals to make informed decisions about their career paths, leading to greater satisfaction and success in their professional lives

Online Career Counselling allows a student to take the online psychometric Test from the  place of his/her own choice. One does not need to travel from one location to another for taking an online Career Assessment Test. All that one requires is a good, workable internet connection.

The second step after the completion of the test , which is meeting the career counsellor or career advisor, can be done over popular video softwares like  whatsapp video, skype, or zoom call.

In a very basic term, online career counseling is consulting an career expert to solve your career or job relates queries. Like when having a stomach pain you consult a doctor to ease your pain and to recommend you medicines,  in same manner you can seek advice from career counseling organisation to get a professional advice on decisions relating your careers and jobs. A career counselor after analysing your psychometric test/career assessment test will recommend you best possible career options and pathway (i. e colleges to apply,  entrance exams) to pursue your shortlisted career.

Aptitude is an innate or inborn capacity for  learning. The test assesses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in seven key abilities. Aptitudes are about ‘potential, which is not necessarily realized at the present time. Often, the discovery of potential leads to the development of new Interests.

   The aptitude test would include: 


 - Speed & Accuracy Test;

  - Visual Skills Test;

  - Mechanical Reasoning Test;

  - Verbal Ability Test;

  - Mathematical Ability Test;

  - Conceptual Reasoning Test;

  - Logical Thinking Ability Test;

Reasons why you should give the Test :

•The sooner you are exposed to your true potential, the better. Otherwise there are the conventional tests – Examinations, Interview, and work appraisal system to know.

•It is possible that you might succeed in a career which is contrary to this result. But, statistically speaking, some mathematicians will be better with words than with numbers, even though we would assert that as a general rule, more

   mathematicians will be better with numbers than words.

It is imperative that students refrain from making career choices based on unprofessional career guidance from family, friends, etc and follow a scientific process to choose a career. It is very difficult to visualize and anticipate if a particular career is the perfect career for you, hence after years of switching various jobs after graduation you select a career which suits you. Some of them might compromise on  working in a career for the rest of their lives with which they are unhappy. The reason why it becomes so difficult to choose the perfect career is because people might consider only one parameter in choosing a career or might actually get into a career just based on the fascination by the name or maybe that particular career is glamorized to convince you to get into it and when you start performing the tasks while working, then you realize it is not your cup of tea. 


To solve this problem, a scientific approach for Career guidance with the help of career consultants is important. Psychometric online career counselling tests which career counsellors conduct are designed in a way where with the help of the questions they interpret the real interest, aptitude and personality of students. 

Making an Informed Career decision

Career Counselling and career assessment tests can help you choose a suitable career path and narrow down your job choices that are compatible with your interests, skills, values, and personality.

Career guidance, in the form of tests, can be very useful for those who are uncertain about the array of career possibilities.


Access to Expert Resources

Career counsellors are knowledge experts in their domain. Having a mentor gives you access to their knowledge, resources and experience that can help you grow in your role.


Removes Career Related Obligations and Confusion

Through Career counselling you can have a platform where such frustrations can be reduced, and focus is redirected to selecting the best career options. It connects you with the industry experts who have enough life experiences to share to help you overcome your confusions and obligations.

The  Career  Counselling  for  students    shоuld  begin  when  the  student  just  enters  Сlаss  10.  Саreer  Соunselling  is  а  disсоvery  рrосess  аnd  аn  early  start  allows  уоu  tо  make  the  search  press  more  structured  о а  student  is  aware  about  his/her  goal  ahead of  time  and  have  the  required  time  аnd  resоurсe  tо  exeсute  the  deсided  саreer  рlаn. 

Though it is widely believed only student or job seekers who are confused about career or job requires a counseling but this not the fact,  as every should do their career counseling.  As career counseling isn't about getting information about a particular career or job it also includes knowing your abilties, learning about alternative and new careers options etc. It basically means making a road map to your future goals. So it advisable for every student.

Career assessment test ie. Interest, Aptitude and Personality is a very useful assessment which could help students in multiple areas apart from general career confusion.
-Deciding specialisations in careers like management and engineering.
-Shortlist skill based courses.
-Differentiating hobby from career and also devicing a meaningful backup plan especially in careers like Sports, music, etc
If you are confused between 2-3 careers and these careers are completely opposite from each other like finance and advertising, then your confusion could be a strong one and career assessment test might be required to solve this. Similar career confusion like finance or business management which are quite similar could be solved by just counselling.

If you are very sure about getting into a career, irrespective of any influence, then you don't need career assessment tests to shortlist careers. These cases usually can be mentoring requirement ie. Information about particular course from an Industry expert. But if you have even the slightest of confusion, it is always advisable to take career assessment test and counselling to avoid making a wrong decision and either repent for the rest of your life or mid career change ie. restart a new career at 35-40 year age.

Over the years we have spoken to many NGOs and companies carrying skill training as part of their CSR activity and noticed that most people quit their jobs despite recieving training and job placement due to lack of exploring other options. This is a very common case for most people since it is very difficult to explore from such a vast pool of careers out there.
The test helps streamline careers and makes it easy to choose from the limited pool of careers.

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