Last-minute Success mantra for DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Exam

The final few days before the DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Exam is crucial in a candidate's preparation. The exam is going to be held from 1st April 2022 to 23rd April 2022. At this point, a minor faux pas could turn out to be expensive. So, proper planning and a strong mental attitude are essential for the candidate's success in avoiding such a situation. To keep you on track for the DSSSB JSA Exam, I have compiled a list of some last-minute revision tips that will come in handy during your exam preparation.

  • Reviewing the Syllabus of the JSA Exam

Because time is running out by the hour, it is critical to study only the topics covered under the syllabus. Attempt to update the syllabus and ensure that you have thoroughly covered all of the topics during your preparation.

  • Effective Revision 

With only a few days remaining, it is advised that you should revise at least 1 to 2 lessons per day, followed by practising mock tests. Concentrate on attempting more questions rather than reading theory. 

  • Remember all the important formulas and key concepts

Examine all of the formulas and key concepts, and try to remember them using shortcuts and strategies. Each topic should be addressed with brief notes covering all of the main formulas and ideas. To review the formulas, try as many questions from previous year's papers or a mock test as you can.


  • Stick to the base

I recommended you not to study any new topics in the final minutes of the exam because you may be unable to comprehend entire concepts, which adds to the burden. There will be a loss of time as new subjects require more time, rather than moving on to other topics, make the most of this time by revising thoroughly.  

  • Practice Mock Tests

Following the development of a preparation strategy, you must practise a large number of mock tests and previous year's paper questions. I recommend you to visit to practise DSSSB Junior Secretariat Assistant Free Test Series. Their test series are prepared by experts which will assist you in becoming familiar with the exam pattern and nature. You can also identify your syllabus's strengths and weaknesses and improve further.

  • Stay Confident and Stay Positive

Be confident in your efforts thus far, because they will undoubtedly benefit you in the exam hall.  

Some important tips are provided below:

  • As you know that time management is critical for this exam. There are 200 questions in total, and students have two hours to complete them. As a result, you must respond quickly and cannot devote more time to each question in the exam hall. 

  • Students must have extensive and consistent practise with numerical topics. The more you practise, the more your doubts and concepts will fade away over time.

  • After thoroughly reading the entire article, you should now be clear and have a good idea of how to prepare for your upcoming DSSSB Junior Secretary Assistant examination. You can also pass your test with flying colours if you follow the above guidelines correctly and practise hard.

  • While practising different types of questions, students must work hard on their accuracy and speed which will help you in scoring maximum marks and you will be able to attempt the maximum number of questions during the exam.



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