MA English Literature

Hi! I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with a bachelors degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai. I am currently working full time in a finance profile. 

I have always wanted to pursue MA Arts - English Literature as a career option but things didn't work out for me in that direction. Now after all these years, it is still my dream to pursue this degree, purely out of interest. I have no immediate plans of making a career out of this as I am happy with my current work profile. 

I wanted help on how I can transition from a commerce background to one in arts. Do I need to qualify any exam for this? Also, I am unsure on where I should pursue this from. I do not have the time to do a full time course. But, I would be happy take some time out in the weekends or early mornings on weekdays. 

So, should I do this course from a college or via correspondence? Also, while it may not be my short term objective to make a career out of MA degree, I may switch at a later point of time. So I want to pursue this course from a recognized institution. 

Please provide some guidance on the above issue. I would be happy to give you any other information that you might need.



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