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Hi....Art Portfolios for admission to Design, Architecture and Fashion Institutes require a series of works which are detailed, imaginative, skilled and out of the box representations of one’s creative ideas. Impart motivates and channelizes the young ideas and helps them create artworks of at least 20 different art forms.

At Impart each portfolio is exclusive and does not contain a single artwork that is copied from anywhere. We inspire our students to push themselves to think out of the box and create something which is different.

We take pride in the fact that we have sent students to names like Parsons,Pratt, UC Bartlett, and many more.

We offer the student a year of online classes in groups with 
Professional artists of Bengal as mentors.

We also provide 12 one to one private classes with the artist.

"Thought behind the artwork", writeup is also edited by us.

Photography for the said artworks for students based in Kolkata is included.

Digital portfolio is included . Open file for the same is provided too.

Our Portfolio fees for each student is 95 K.



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